A (not-so) secret

AI lab

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Dessa researches and develops applications for emerging AI technologies at Square.

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Next-gen products

As part of Square’s ecosystem, Dessa works closely with Cash App, a consumer finance app that makes money more accessible to millions of people.

Drawing from the latest AI research, our team is developing cutting-edge applications to help create a new generation of Cash App products.



That's why we work on experiment AI projects that might seem 'bananas' at first glance to the average onlooker.

With these projects, Dessa's machine learning engineers have the freedom to follow where their curiosity leads them, with the goal of developing applications that lead to outsized real-world impact and technical creativity. 


At Dessa we believe the ideas that seem like they’ll never work are the ones that change the world.

Recent Work

Deepfake Detection

Finding reliable ways to identify deepfakes in the wild 


Discovering supernovas in half the time with deep learning

Deepfake Awareness

Raising public awareness about audio deepfakes, with a deepfake 

 In Progress

Multi-Modal Learning

Teaching machines to learn in a way that's similar to humans

More info coming soon

Math Wiz

Exploring machine reasoning with theorem-solving algorithms

More info coming soon

Work with us

We’re looking for creative machine learning practitioners who are passionate about AI’s real-world potential to join our team.