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Who we are:

We’re a diverse team of 50 people with headquarters in Toronto, the birthplace of deep learning’s present-day boom. Founded in 2016,we got our start building machine learning applications from the ground up for some of the world’s largest companies, in industries ranging from banking to telco.


Today, we’re using this experience building real-world AI to inform the development of our machine learning engineering products Atlas and Orbit. In our spare time, we also build things with machine learning that are less practical but still wildly impactful, including but not limited to a life-like facsimile of Joe Rogan’s voice (which was developed using Atlas).

Tools that take machine learning to new limits.

Our mission is to provide machine learning practitioners with tools that make it possible to stretch the limits of what can be achieved with the technology. With our products, we are devoted to solving some of the field’s biggest technical challenges, including reproducibility and model maintenance. We also strive to make tools that practitioners actually want to use in their day-to-day workflows, taking form and function into account in equal measure.

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