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Deepfakes - Believe at Your Own Risk

This New York Times documentary offers a closer look at the creation of our Joe Rogan deepfake and the detector work that accompanies it.

Internet Companies Prepare to Fight the "Deepfake" Future

This New York Times piece accompanies The Weekly's "Fake Believe" documentary

This Maxim piece highlights our Joe Rogan deepfake and AI ethics

This Creepy, Ultra-Realistic Joe Rogan Deepfake Is the First of Its Kind

Does this Joe Rogan Deepfake Mean Video Evidence is Officially Dead?

This Inverse article talks about how our Rogan deepfake kickstarted our detector work

Horror with a
Real-Life Message

This Halloween special of the New Yorker Radio Hour features real-life horror stories from the world of deepfakes

Revenge of the
Deepfake Detectives

This Axios Future Newsletter features methods being developed to tell real audio and visuals from AI forgeries

This AI-Generated Joe Rogan Voice Sounds So Real It's Scary

This Vice article features Dessa's RealTalk project

From Deepfake to
"Cheap Fake"

This CBS article discusses how it's getting harder to tell what's true on your favourite apps and websites

AI's in a bubble: Here’s Why we Should Build it Anyways

A Globe and Mail Opinion piece written by Dessa's Stephen Piron

This Quartz articles talks about the backstory of our ML advisor, Alex Krizhevsky

The inside story of how AI got good enough to dominate Silicon Valley

Dessa Engineers Build Supernova Identification System

This BetaKit article features our space2vec machine learning  project

Scotiabank Deploys Deep Learning to Improve Credit Card Collections

A look at a tool helps identify potentially delinquent customers and suggests solutions

Corporate Canada’s Secret Weapons

This MaRS post talk about how large corporations are looking for help from Canadian artificial intelligence startups

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